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Request for information- New Service Connections

These procedures apply to customers who may have questions regarding new service connections.  These connections include new constructions, fire sprinkler meters and irrigation meters.

Please complete the Service Availability Application and return it to our office. 

New Service Requests - New Service Connections

These procedures apply to new construction and establishing services for a property for the first time.

The following steps must be completed when establishing new service connections to qualify for water/sewer/fire availability letters.

Note: Plan checks require a minimum of three weeks for processing


All applicable fees must be paid prior to delivery of letters:

  • Meter Installation Fee 5/8" X 3/4" Meter 
  • Water Facilities Capacity Charge
  • Sewer Facilities Capacity Charge
  • Plan Check Min.
  • Total Min. Fees:

$   125

All fees subject to change

The following are the procedures for obtaining a service availability letter for water, sewer and fire protection services from the Running Springs Water District (District).


1.       An owner desiring water, sewer and fire protection services shall make application at the District office. A plan check fee of $125 is due at the time of application along with the submittal of the required plans prior to plan check processing and issuance of service availability letters.


2.       PLOT PLANS: At the time of application, plans shall be submitted on 11" x 17" or larger sheets at a minimum scale of 1" = 10′, printed and stapled together to form a complete set. Two complete sets will be required with each application (one electronic copy is also preferred). Plans must be signed by the person who prepared them. Plans must be picked up within one month after notification by the District that plan check is complete. If plans are not picked up within one month, they will be returned to the applicant and the $125 plan check fee will be retained by the District. If plans are resubmitted at a later date, an additional plan check fee of $125 will be required. Each set of plans should contain the following information:


a.     Legal description and general location

b.     Owner’s name, address and telephone number

c.     Use, size and dimension location of existing and proposed structures including square footage

d.     Names of streets adjacent to the property

e.     Lot dimensions showing distance to structures on adjacent lots

f.      Line and grade (topographical survey) with elevations of the building site and the surrounding lot area




3.       If it is determined that adequate water, sewer and fire flow service is available, a service availability letter will be issued. The Water, Sewer and Fire Flow Service Availability letter will contain any required conditions the applicant must comply with in order to receive service and will expire one year from the date of issuance.


4.       All installation/connection/capacity fees and charges must be paid prior to issuance of a permit to connect and before actual physical connection to the District’s water and/or sewer system.


5.       The District’s Water Service Application Card (Permit to Connect) must be properly signed and on file at the District’s Office and all applicable connection and capacity fees paid before the water meter will be installed. Additionally, construction of the building foundation must be completed or underway in order for the water meter to be installed. Weather conditions may affect the time needed to install the water meter. The owner or contractor must call at least one day prior to the request for sewer connection inspection.


6.       Connection to the District’s water and/or sewer system must occur within one year after date of issuance of a service availability letter and/or permit to connect. If connection does not occur within one year, the fees shall be returned to the customer, less a $50 administrative fee and any plan check fees. The current fees and charges are above.








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