General Information About RSWD

The Running Springs Water District is a local public agency charged under the laws of the United States of America and the State of California, as well as our own District policies and regulations, with the duty of supplying and maintaining water service, providing fire and emergency medical care services and operating wastewater collection and treatment facilities for the residents, users and taxpayers of this area. The District is an independent special district that was formed in March 1958. “Special District” can be defined as a legally constituted governmental entity which is neither city nor county, and is established for the purpose of providing specific services within a specific boundary.

The District is a multi-service organization that presently operates three departments: a water department that provides retail water distribution, a fire department that provides fire protection and pre-hospital emergency medical aid services, and a wastewater department that collects, treats, and disposes the area’s wastewater. The District’s service area is approximately five square miles. The District’s power and authority is primarily regulated and defined by Division 12, Sections 30000-33901 of the California Water Code. The District’s operations are governed by a five member Board of Directors elected from the community.