RSWD Strategic Vision

The vision of the Running Springs Water District is to acquire and sustain the resources necessary to provide for the current and projected service needs of the Running Springs community in the following areas:

  • Water Service: The Running Springs Water Division will provide excellent water quality that consistently meets or exceeds regulatory and customer requirements and water quantity that recognizes the limited availability of supply in our area yet satisfies the essential needs of our customers.

  • Fire & Emergency Medical Services: The Running Springs Fire Department will be an exemplary organization dedicated to community service and acclaimed for our hometown attentiveness as we provide fire protection and life safety services whenever called to duty.

  • Wastewater Collection & Treatment Service: The Running Springs Wastewater Division will provide extraordinary wastewater collection service for the Running Springs area, and wastewater transmission and treatment service for the Running Springs, Arrowbear, and Green Valley Lake areas that protects the environment, complies with regulatory requirements, satisfies the needs of our customers, and provides beneficial uses for our reclaimed water.

  • Administrative Service: The Running Springs Administration Department will provide exceptional customer service to the community and support services to all District departments in a manner that demonstrates professionalism, utilizing advanced levels of technology.

All services will be provided in a manner that makes use of community outreach, sound management principals, responsible financial practices, and appropriate levels of technology.  The Board will provide sound governance and strive to attract and retain a highly qualified, productive workforce and maintain a workplace environment where excellence is valued and where creativity, teamwork, and open communication between Departments is actively encouraged.