Board Meeting Notification Requests

Regular Board Meeting Agendas are posted at the entrance to the District Office, and on the District website.  Agenda posting for regular Board Meetings generally occurs by the end of the business day on the Friday prior to the Board Meeting.

If the District calls a Special or Emergency Board Meeting, the agenda will be posted at the District Office and on the District website no later than 24 hours prior to the meeting. 

In addition to the above postings of the agenda, interested parties may contact the office and make arrangements to have a copy of the agenda mailed or emailed to them, at the same time the agenda is posted at the District Office and on the District website.

To make arrangements for receiving mail or email copies of Board Meeting agendas, please contact the District office during normal business hours by visiting us at 31242 Hilltop Blvd. (Highway 18), or calling us at (909) 867-2766.