Homeowners Who Rent or Lease Their Homes to Tenant

District Ordinance No. 22 states the following:

Owner Responsibility: Except as otherwise provided in Section 6.1, the owner of the premises to be served shall be the only person authorized to apply for water service from the District, and shall be responsible for payment of all District fees and charges for such service. In the event of the owner’s failure to pay any District fee or charge when due, the District shall be entitled to record a lien upon the premises receiving water service, or upon other property owned by the owner if authorized by law, in addition to pursuing any other remedy legally available to the District.

Effective January 1, 2015, the Running Springs Water District is required to notify delinquent occupants of a residence that they may become a customer of the District for residential water services if they are willing and able to assume responsibility for subsequent charges.  Tenants may now become a co-customer of the owner; therefore, a signed agreement from both the owner and tenant must be on file at the District.   Tenants, who have become co-customers of the District, will then receive the monthly Water and Sewer Bill in place of the owner on record.  If the account becomes delinquent, both the owner and tenant will receive a copy of the Termination of Water Service Notice.    

 A deposit of $200.00 will be required for tenants to establish co-customer service with the District.  This deposit will be refunded at the close of account and only when the closed account is paid in full.  In addition, tenants must comply with all policies of the Running Springs Water District.