The Running Springs Water District has contracted with Paymentus Corporation, a third party automated payment service, to offer payment options for customers interested in paying their bill online using the Internet or by using an automated phone service.  Paymentus accepts credit and debit card payments with a VISA, Mastercard or Discover Card logo.  Paymentus also accepts electronic checks.  Paymentus will charge a convenience fee for each transaction.    

Web link for Water/Sewer Payments - https://ipn.paymentus.com/otp/stde/rswd

Web link for Ambulance Payments -   https://ipn.paymentus.com/otp/stde/rswa



For what bills or invoices do you accept electronic payments?

We accept electronic payments for water/sewer bills, availability and ambulance payments. 

What information will I need to make an electronic payment?

Please have your billing and payment information available as you will need both to make a payment.  Review the table below to determine what information you will need from your bill.

             Type of Payment                                           Information Needed

             Water/Sewer Bills                               Eight Digit Account Number (no dashes)
                                                                            Customer and cardholder information
                                                                            Email address (for confirmation receipt)
                                                                             Amount of Payment


         Water/Sewer Availability Bills              Eight Digit Account Number (no dashes)
                                                                            Customer and cardholder information
                                                                            Email address (for confirmation receipt)
                                                                             Amount of Payment


           Ambulance Payments                          PAT Account Number
                                                                             Customer and cardholder information
                                                                             Email address (for confirmation receipt)
                                                                              Amount of Payment

How will my payment be confirmed?

The Running Springs Water District receives immediate confirmation of payments made via the Internet and payments made over the phone.  You will receive a confirmation number of the successful payment at time of the transaction.  For questions about your payment, contact the Running Springs Water District at (909) 867-2766. 

Office hours - Monday 9am to 5pm or Tuesday – Friday 8am to 5pm

What is the amount of the convenience fee?

The Paymentus convenience fee will be collected in addition to the bill payment total from the customer.  The amount of the fee varies according to the type of bill being paid.  Refer to the chart below to determine the fee amount.

Payment Amount

Paymentus Convenience Fee

 Water/Sewer Bills (max $300.00)

Flat Fee of $3.25

 Water/Sewer Availability Bills
  (max $300.00)

Flat Fee of $2.95

 Ambulance Payments (max $350.00)

Flat Fee of $3.95

**Note:  Paymentus is responsible for payment processing fees.  Flat fees are not prorated


Why is a convenience fee required?

Charge card companies charge businesses, like Paymentus a percentage of the payment for processing services.  In fairness to all of our customers, we need to ensure that the customers who want the convenience of paying with a charge card, pay for the service.  The Running Springs Water District does not profit from this service.

There are other low cost or no cost means to pay your Running Springs Water District bill including ACH Debit, writing a check or placing a payment in our drop box at the Running Springs Water District office. 


Is the Running Springs Water District getting any part of the convenience fee?

The Running Springs Water District does NOT receive any part of the convenience fee.  Paymentus is an independent company that provides a service to the Running Springs Water District customers.


What is an ACH Debit and how do I sign up for this payment plan to pay my water/sewer bills?

Another popular method of payment is our ACH (Automated Clearing House) Payment Plan.  It can only be used to pay your water/sewer bill.  With this plan, the monthly bill will continue to be mailed to the property owner.  On the first day of the month, the funds will be withdrawn from your checking or savings account. Download the ACH Debit Authorization form now or pick up an information packet at the District office.  You can also request to have the packet mailed to you by calling (909) 867-2766.  There are no additional fees to use this payment option.


I have received a water/sewer shut off notice for being behind on my bill.  Can I still pay online and have my payment posted prior to any service interruption?

We recommend that you make your payment at our District Office, 31242 Hilltop Blvd., by cash  check or money order.  We will be able to post the payment to the account immediately and remove you from the shut off list.  Payments of this type must be made prior to the final payment due date listed on the shut off notice.  Additionally, you can make an electronic water/sewer monthly billing payment online at https://ipn.paymentus.com/otp/stde/rswd or by telephone at (1-877-506-3112).  Once payment is made, please contact the District’s customer service at (909) 867-2766 with your payment confirmation number to prevent your service from being shut off or to re-establish service if it has already been shut off.  The electronic payment must include the entire past due amount.  Additional reconnection fees may apply.

Please Note:  Payments made through Paymentus after 4:00pm (Pacific Standard Time) will be posted the following business day. 


How do I make a payment by telephone?

Through the Paymentus IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system


For Water/Sewer monthly billing and/or Water/Sewer Availability bills

Dial the toll free number, 1-877-506-3112 and follow the operator prompts for the type of payment that you wish to make. 

For Ambulance Payments
Dial the toll free number 1-877-403-7087 and follow the operator prompts to make the payment.


How can I get more information on electronic payments?

If you have any questions, please contact the Running Springs Water District at
(909) 867-2766.