District Annual Planning Process

The District annual planning cycle begins in October or November of each year with the review and update of the District Strategic Plan.  Review of the strategic plan allows the District to identify the general goals, projects, and actions to be pursued in the upcoming fiscal year.  Then, about two months later, an Annual Board Workshop is held (usually in January).  During the Annual Board Workshop, information from the strategic plan is used to develop specific projects and actions for the upcoming fiscal year (the District’s fiscal year runs July 1st through June 30th).  These specific projects and actions are then included in the Annual District Budget which is developed during the period February through April.  The Budget is then adopted in June of each year, prior to the new fiscal year which begins July 1st.

Information from the long range planning process will be used in the annual planning process.  Water and Wastewater Master Plan projects designated for the upcoming year will be presented and discussed, and the revenue requirements identified in the Financial Master Plan will be considered for funding capital projects as well as ongoing District operations.