Annual Board Workshop

The Annual Board Workshop provides an opportunity to review the accomplishments of the previous year and discuss plans for the upcoming year, as well as the years ahead.

During the workshop Fire, Administration, Water, Wastewater Collection, and Wastewater Treatment staff members present pertinent information including:

  • Recap of prior year projects.
  • Planned projects and capital purchases for the upcoming fiscal year.
  • Planned projects for future years.
  • Planned department improvements.

There is also a discussion regarding the strategic goals, projects, and actions developed during the strategic planning process that preceded the Annual Board Workshop.

Much of the information considered during the workshop has a direct bearing on the upcoming Annual District Budget, since the projects, actions, and improvements considered (other than those planned for future years) will be funded through the upcoming Annual District Budget.  To make the most effective use of the planning process, the Board provides direction whether or not to proceed with items presented.  Those items approved for further considered must have an identified funding source in the Annual District Budget to receive final approval.

Copies of historic Annual Board Workshop documents are available for review at the District office.