District Strategic Plan

Strategic planning is performed by the District as a practical method for developing an action oriented plan to move the organization forward in support of a clear mission, and according to a strategic vision.  The District strategic planning process occurs at the highest level of the organization, establishing an overarching plan and direction for the organization.  Accordingly, the Strategic Plan supersedes other more focused planning tools such as the Water and Wastewater Master Plan and the Financial Master Plan.  The District’s strategic planning process requires the full participation of the Board, General Manager, senior staff, and key consultants. 

Strategic planning addresses the various challenges facing the District including: limited financial resources, greater demands on our limited workforce, difficulty attracting and retaining skilled employees for certain positions, limited water supply, challenges meeting the fire and emergency medical service needs of the community, and uncertain economic conditions for our customers generally and in Sacramento specifically.

In October or November of each year the District holds strategic planning meetings for the purpose of developing and updating a five year Strategic Plan.  The updated plan will then commence the beginning of the upcoming fiscal year. The Strategic Plan allows the District to better serve District customers, and is a critical tool in conducting the remaining portions of the annual planning process which consists of the Annual Board Workshop and the Annual District Budget.

The Strategic Plan document identifies the purpose and process for strategic planning and includes the following strategic plan elements:

  • Mission Statement
  • Strategic Vision
  • Internal and External Assessment
  • Strategic Elements
  • Strategic Goals
  • Specific Projects and Actions

Copies of historic Strategic Plan documents are available for review at the District office.