Retirement of Fire Chief Bill Smith

Chief Bill Smith, who has served as the Fire Chief for the Running Springs Fire Department since December 1999, retired in September 2009.  Former Battalion Chief Tony Grabow was selected to replace Bill as Chief.

Bill Smith came to the District after many years of dedicated United States Forest Service employment in the San Bernardino Mountain area, working in a variety of capacities, finally serving as a Division Chief within the San Bernardino National Forest.

Bill has been a valuable and distinguished leader of the Running Springs Water District, serving as the Running Springs Fire Department Fire Chief, from December 1999 to August 2009.

Bill expertly represented the District while serving on many professional organizations and committees, and was instrumental in the founding and development of the Mountain Area Safety Taskforce (MAST).

In his capacity of Running Springs Fire Department Fire Chief, Bill led the department in defending the Running Springs and surrounding communities during several potentially devastating wildfires including the Old Fire and the Slide Fire.

Bill has been a strong advocate of the Running Springs Fire Department, insuring that the Department provided exemplary service to the Running Springs community, and insisting that resources and funding were made available for adequate staffing levels, professional development, and the acquisition of necessary fire fighting and emergency medical service equipment.

As a result of Bill’s dedicated, diligent and professional leadership  the Running Springs Fire Department has grown and developed into a highly professional organization that is well respected within the fire fighting community, strongly supported by the local community, and fully capable of providing for the needs of the Running Springs area.

District staff and the community will miss Bill, and we wish him well during his well deserved retirement.